After the success obtained by the Room escape Kidnapped in BCN we decided to give it a creative twist to our activity and adapt it for Companies.

The key is bringing to offices a function of interactive theatre where the selected group of employees lives and directly involved an experience that combines factor surprise, humor, psychological stress, and above all the obligation to prove in every act of the work a series of personal empathy as qualities creativity, logic, memory, eloquence, and more. It all starts with an alibi.

An Argentine psychologist Enneagram specialist will visit the office to draw and study the personality of a group of workers. The company chooses the level of knowledge of the participants:

Level 1: know nothing.
Level 2: know that there is a special activity with a psychologist.
Level 3: know that there is a special activity with actors.

The head of human resources receives a rundown with all sequences will be live and qualities will be put to the test in each of them. Participants receive a prior information created by us about the activity that will be done with the psychologist.
After a spectacular staging starts a film in the style of Tarantino where employees will be kidnapped and wrapped in a thriller that combines adrenaline and humor in equal parts.

Actors and the atmosphere, tension and the script turns will envelop them in a completely immersive experience. The development is divided into acts and sequences where the group must demonstrate qualities individual and group until the final outcome…

Exclusive escape room design for the International “Friki” Day in Madrid

Team Building activity through an escape room adapted to the company needs

Support of the main characters of Kidnapped in BCN during a Team Building activity

Kidnap of the company owners streamed live for the employees and ending of the year party


Kidnap of part of the “Fricando Matiner” team with live connections to the show

Exclusive escape room design adapted to Can Negre, a 17th century masia in Sant Joan Despí

Ajuntament de Sant Joan Despí